Just Between You and Me is a Secret .... But one I can share!

We are so happy to announce that Secret has earned her RN title!

Secret is from the Just litter. This is a repeat of Levi and Blush. We loved what they produced so we had to keep a girl.

When thinking of a name, I wanted something that made the name catchy and had a meaning to it.

I always have music to go with my dogs names. Thinking back in time, a oldie from 1957 Kept popping up in my mind. The song Just Between you and Me was Recorded by the Chordettes and reached number 8 in the top billboards. Great lyrics, and you just want to sing along with it.

I hope you follow our journey as I have high hopes for this beautiful girl!

As always we will be working on earning a RN and CGC soon.

Keep checking back often as we will post updates.